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Solfare Wallet

The Solana ecosystem is a perfect place to start for first time crypto users: transactions are lightning fast, the average cost per transaction is extremely low, and exciting new projects and dApps launch every day. With all of those advantages over other chains, it’s no wonder that so many new entrants to the space are choosing Solana for their first on-chain experience.

With that said, we recognize that concepts like non-custodial wallets, dApps, and DeFi can be very confusing for the newly initiated. Solana also has a few terms and practices that can be a bit different from what people are used to on Ethereum and other chains, like individual token accounts and settling DEX balances. It can be frustrating for new users who are eager to jump into an exciting new ecosystem, but just don’t know where to start.

We often hear from users and peers in the Solflare Wallet Solana space that it would be helpful to have some simple, concise guides to help them onboard friends and family into the ecosystem easily. With that in mind, we’ve begun creating a comprehensive set of guides that we believe will teach new users everything they need to know to get up and running on Solana. We call this the Solflare Knowledge Base, and we’re launching it today on!

We’re still working on filling out our guide offerings with every possible topic that might come up for new users. The guides available so far cover the most important initial subjects relevant to new users, like setting up a non-custodial wallet, staking SOL, connecting to Web3 dApps, and more. Our goal is to offer a one-stop solution that can make anyone a safe and efficient Solana user, even if they have no prior crypto experience.

We will be adding more articles and guides to the Knowledge Solflare Wallet Base regularly going forward. Solana is an incredibly dynamic and vibrant ecosystem — it is constantly evolving, and our Knowledge Base will continue to evolve with it, with new guides to cover updates, changes, and emerging trends. Anyone is welcome to suggest new Knowledge Base topics in our Discord — we will do our best to provide easy to understand resources for any pertinent Solana topics!